March 23-24, 2019

Little Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street, San Francisco

REACH  by Billy Boyd Cape

REACH by Billy Boyd Cape

PROGRAM A - Saturday, March 23 @ 4:30pm


Time Subjectives in Objective Time

Kati Kallio (Finland)


The Town on Notice

Umi Vaughan & Sonia D. Pina (US)



Toni Tru & Phenomenal Anomalies (US)


PROGRAM A - Saturday, March 23 @ 4:30pm

Time Subjectives in Objective Time dir. by Kati Kallio (Finland)
The Town on Notice dir. by Umi Vaughan & Sonia D. Pina (US)
Passerby dir. by Toni Tru & Phenomenal Anomalies (US)
Mercury dir. by Jake Stangel (US)
Laws of Motion dir. by Jeppe Lange (Denmark)
Weightless dir. by German Prieto with Mateo Galindo Torres & Falciony Patiño (Canada/Colombia)
Ina dir. by Aneil Karia (UK)
Waiting for Color dir. by Kosta Karakashyan (Bulgaria/US)
Border Sawal Jawab dir. by Cynthia Ling Lee & Shyamala Moorty (US)
But First... dir. by Erin Thomas Brown & Mike Esperanza (US)
A Guide to Breathing Underwater dir. by Raven Jackson (US)

PROGRAM B - Sunday, March 24 @ 2:30pm 

Travel Far dir. by François Langlais (France)
My body is in your court dir. by Paula Pardo Celaya & Yasmina G. Garabato (Spain)
Tremore dir. by Anh Tú Nguyen (Germany)
trace dir. by Nina Wu (US)
NEGOTIATION dir. by Tobi Aremu (US)
Terraces dir. by Megan Lowe & Chris Hosch (US)
Back2Zero dir. by Rain Kencana (Germany)
Além de Nós (Beyond Us) dir. by Lui Mendes (Brazil)
Battle dir. by Shelley Lewis, Ryan Smith, & Wendy Rein (US)
+ in the pines dir. by Jenny Stulberg (US)
9241 dir. by Marta Romero (Spain)
OLEA dir. by Christopher H & Jorane Rest (France)
Krishna Nee Begane dir. by Nitya Narasimhan (India)

PROGRAM C - Sunday, March 24 @ 4pm

CHAO. dir by Frankie Perez (US)
Coming Home dir. by Marta Dymek & Robert Dekkers (US)
BINARY dir. by Kass Friend & Garrett Frisbey (US)
Bleeding and Burning dir. by Guilaume Marin (Canada)
Competing for Sunlight: Ash dir. by Dagmar Dachauer (Austria)
Crashing Waves dir. by Emma Gilbertson (UK)
BANG dir. by Jan Vesala (Denmark)
Cygnus dir. by Cara Hagan (US)
Intervención Intervenida dir. by Franziska Lisa Wolf (Germany)
Us dir. by Jordan James Bridge (UK)
Dualism dir. by Carmen Veronica & Xochitl Colmenarez (US)
Reach dir. by Billy Boyd Cape (UK)
Chrysalis dir. by Nicole Klaymoon, Morgan Wise, Tigre Bailando, Micah "Just Jamz" Abbrey (US)

Tiny Dance Film Festival is a film festival based in San Francisco that features short dance films (10 minutes or under) from across the globe. TDFF prioritizes films that stretch into new territory, challenge dominant narratives, and embrace brevity.

We encourage people to submit films if they / their cast identify as queer, people of color, and/or people with disabilities.

Tiny Dance Film Festival is graciously supported by generous individual donors!