detour dance creates/curates nuanced, uncompromising, and relevant performance + film that promote, support and empower artists, queers and people of color.

detour dance is a devised performance company that was founded in 2009 by Directors Kat Cole & Eric Garcia.

detour dance challenges dominant narratives by magnifying the overlooked and under-discussed. The ensemble-based company devises new works that places equal emphasis on multidisciplinary collaborations and social justice. 

The work that gets generated is rooted in personal/collective narrative and storytelling. What stories are we not hearing? Who are we not seeing enough of? What experiences are being left out? These questions are our fuel, which then transform into a dynamic performance experience charged with a high level of technical rigor, critical dialogue and community engagement. 

detour dance was nominated for a 2017 Isadora Duncan Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography, as well as the 2017 CHIME Award with Margaret Jenkins Dance Company.  

detour dance is home to the TINY DANCE FILM FESTIVAL.