Kat Cole has had the pleasure of performing for 13th Floor Dance Theater, Amie Dowling, EmSpace Dance, and kelly kemp & company/number 9 dance. For over 5 years she served as Development Manager and later Program Manager for CounterPulse, and frequently works as a production manager and grant writer for several artists and dance companies in the Bay Area. She has been a guest lecturer and choreographer at the University of San Francisco and her writing has been published in InDance. 

Her work in the performing arts has led her to delve further into visual storytelling. She holds an MFA in Film from California College of the Arts and was a recent fellow with the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar.  She is currently working with Director Erin Palmquist on From Baghdad to the Bay, a feature documentary about an Iraqi refugee and former translator for the U.S. government. Recent directorial credits include Grandmother and Me, a documentary short about a transman's complex relationship with his grandmother, and Maybe, a queer coming-of-age fiction set in her hometown of Honolulu, HI.



Photo: Kegan Marling

Photo: Kegan Marling

Eric Garcia


Eric Garcia is a choreographer, performer, teacher, and activist whose feet are deeply rooted in the Bay Area. He proudly serves as Production Coordinator with Fresh Meat Productions, Sean Dorsey Dance, and the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival. He has previously served as a Development Associate for Quinn Associates, and has held administrative/production positions for artists and organizations such as Dancers' Group, Z Space, and CounterPULSE.

Inspired by personal narrative and storytelling, Eric has collaboratively worked with groups of incarcerated men, senior adults, LGBTQ youth, and self-identified non-dancers on various performance projects. Eric has performed works by Katie Faulkner, Sean Dorsey, Amie Dowling, 13th Floor Dance Theater, Sharp & Fine, FACT/SF, The Anata Project, LEVYdance, Project Thrust, Arletta Anderson/Adam Smith, Catherine Galasso, and many others. He was the Spring 2017 choreographer-in-residence at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance and a 2016-17 Emerging Arts Professionals SF/BA Fellow. He is the recipient of the 2017 CHIME Award with Margaret Jenkins Dance Company.

Eric hosts a monthly drag cabaret as Churro Nomi at Make Out Room and a more sporadically at The Rite Spot.

Eric is currently pursuing training, performance, and choreographic opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina.