detour dance + EmSpace dance

 december 4-13, 2015
NOHspace, SF


detour dance & EmSpace Dance share space this fall in a double bill of sexy, queer-identified dance theater that takes on the topics of cruising, cat calling, love and catastrophe. 

Photo: Kegan Marling

Photo: Kegan Marling

NOHspace (2840 Mariposa Street, San Francisco)

$17 Student/Artist/Low Income/Senior
$20 General
$30 Supporter


Friday, December 4 @ 8:00pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday, December 5 @ 8:00pm - SOLD OUT
Sunday, December 6 @ 5:00pm - SOLD OUT
Thursday, December 10 @ 8:00pm - SOLD OUT
Friday, December 11 @ 8:00pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday, December 12 @ 8:00pm - SOLD OUT
Sunday, December 13 @ 5:00pm - SOLD OUT





detour dance, directed by Kat Cole and Eric Garcia, presents Beckon, a new dance/theater piece that evokes the complexity of desire and embraces the politicizing intersectionality of our minority attributes as Queer people of color. This performance unravels the intersection of power, sex, and race. Beckon features storytelling, song, full-bodied dance, and idiosyncratic theatricality.

Lighting Design: Del Medoff
Sound Design: Theodore J.H. Hulsker
Musical Direction: El Beh
Original Music: El Beh + Theodore J.H. Hulsker
Costume Consultation: Christine Crook
Performers: Liane Burns, Kat Cole, Jana Griffin, Melissa Lewis, Kevin Lopez, Scott Marlowe, Angela Mazziotta, and Wiley Naman Strasser.

Beckon Workshop Series Guest Artists: Liz Tenuto, Beth Wilmurt, Tina D'Elia, Monique Jenkinson, and Evan Johnson.

Beckon is created with support from The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Zellerbach Family Foundation, and from our generous individual donors: Olga Shcherbakova, Odalys Garcia, Maria & Juan Arce / Odie Sheet Metal Shop, Seth Meisler, Lauren Anderson, Daniel Sullivan, David & Karen Garcia, Ryan & Steph Herraez, Katharine Hawthorne, Ngoc Anh, Shannon Kurashige, Samantha Sheppard, Angela Mazziotta, Natalie Greene, Sean Dorsey & Shawna Virago, Lisa Townsend, Lauren Lasorda, Nicole Fuentez, Michelle Lavigne, James Graham, Daniel Garcia, Chris Kohlhardt, Marissa Comstock, Anonymous, Elizabeth Boubion, Megan Wright, Brandon Istenes, Jesse Hewit, Mary & Sheri Burns, Wei-Shan Lai, Charles & Buckley Slender-White, Carl Bleisch, Loren Robertson, Emily Jones, Hilary Palanza, Shannon Leypoldt, E. Shorrock, Carson Stein, Tina D'Elia, Megan Kurashige, Mica Pirie, Tanya Chianese, Steven Horner, Yuko Monden, Odalys Garcia, Enrique Garcia, Amie Dowling, Rebecca Siegel

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EmSpace Dance presents Whether to Weather, a dance play for four men conceived and directed by Erin Mei-Ling Stuart and written by Brian Thorstenson. "Weather" traces the interlocking stories of two pairs of lovers, one in a whirlwind romance under the influence of the changing seasons, the other navigating weird weather and the unraveling of their long-term relationship. The interleaved stories are told through dialogue, intricately crafted gesture, song, and lush dancing.

Set Design: Michael Brown
Lighting Design: Del Medoff
Sound Design: Theodore J.H. Hulsker
Songwriter: Sam Barnum
Costume Design: George Alvarez
Performers: Chad Dawson, Kegan Marling, Soren Santos and Wiley Naman Strasser

Whether to Weather is created with support from The Zellerbach Family Foundation Theatre Bay Area CA$H Grants, Dean's Office of The College of Arts and Sciences at Santa Clara University, Department of Theatre and Dance at Santa Clara University, and our generous individual donors: Tim Gleason, Cynthia & Dennis Stuart, Gretchen Brosius, Thomas Caldarola, Barb Fraser, Sean Marney, Claudia and Frank Langone, Sally Abrams, Alice H. Webber, Nicole Brand, and Sheila Balter.

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Special Thanks to The Rite Spot, Bi-Rite Market, Trader Joe's and Rainbow Grocery Coop. Thank you for your support!