James Graham Dance Theatre curates and presents the 5th annual DANCE LOVERS Valentine’s Day Weekend at the Joe Goode Annex. 

The evening will feature work by Graham, 
W. Kamau Bell & Melissa Hudson Bell, 
Patrick Barnes & Rowan Turner, 
Eric Garcia & Wiley Naman Strasser, 
Raphael Boumaila & Molly Allen, 
Michael Galloway & Vincent Chavez, 
Morgan True & Tao, and
Melissa Lewis & Christina Busler


Friday, February 12, 8pm
Saturday, February 13, 8pm
Sunday, February 14, 7pm (Valentine’s Day)

Joe Goode Annex, 401 Alabama St, San Francisco

Dance Lovers pairs real-life couples, crushes, and comrades in duets that look at their relationships in their chosen style of dance and performance…incorporating modern, parkour, ballet, improvisation, spoken word, and comedy. Dance Lovers provides a unique environment for many of these couples to perform together for the first time…even though they may both be professional performers.

This year we have a touching intergenerational duet, a comedian and dancer-academic married couple, boyfriends (who dance for Robert Moses, DTSF, Hope Mohr), Queer Activists, and an energetic weightlifting parkour couple. James Graham (and Sebastian Grubb) will be showing an excerpt of his recent evening length duet “Homeroom.” 

Join us to celebrate and enjoy on this Valentine’s Day Weekend!