Founded in 2013, Tiny Dance Film Festival is a film festival based in San Francisco that celebrates short dance films (under 10 minutes) from across the globe. Tiny Dance Film Festival showcases compelling film work from choreographers & filmmakers who don’t just embody the term “dance for the camera,” but more so, “dance with the camera.” This delicate, complicated relationship between body and lens -- and the choreographers who traverse both forms -- is the focus of TDFF. 

"Quake" by Erin Malley

"Quake" by Erin Malley

All submissions go through a rigorous curation process by a panel of jurors. The jury is comprised of local choreographers, filmmakers, and performing artists. Around 20-25 films are then selected to be screened at the Tiny Dance Film Festival.

There's still plenty of room for dance filmmakers and producers to stretch into new territory. TDFF, which prioritizes dance filmmakers who embrace brevity and experimentation alongside grassroots gusto, promises to be an exciting entree of dance films for the connoisseur and curious alike. 

We encourage queer people of color to submit.

TDFF is produced by detour dance.